Our company is an authorised distributor and sales arm of TPI Co., Ltd. a global interconnect and connectors manufacturer maintaining ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing standards based in Taiwan with manufacturing locations in Japan and Taiwan. Since 2002, TPI specializing in the development and manufacturing of Cable and Interconnection products. TPI’s extensive line of electro-mechanical products consist of a broad range of standard and high-speed I/O, Cable to Board and Board to Board interface solutions including custom cable assemblies used in the Global market-place, in various applications, i.e. Computer and Telecom, Peripheral, Industrial, and Medical.

Our offering includes various connector families serving wide range of applications, i.e. I/O Interface; PCB Modular Jack, Patch Panel and Plugs, D-Sub, SCSI, Ribbon, DIN & Mini-Din Jack, USB, IEEE 1394 Fire Wire, Stereo/Phono Jack, RCA Jack, DC input jacks, RF Coaxial, DVI, VHDCI, FPC/FFC, Board and Cable to Board; Male and Female Header, Jumper, IDC, Ejector Header, Edge Card, FPC/FFC, IC & PLCC Sockets, Sockets, FPC/FFC, Backplane; Soft Metric-Future Bus and Hard Metric, DIN 41612, Media Interface; Smart Card, Compact Flash/Smart Media/Multi Media/Secure Digital/Memory Stick Cards and PC-Card.

TPI’s development into the High-Speed Interconnect product category is very extensive which include, Fiber-to-Cable, Fiber-to-Board and Fiber-over-Copper interface solutions for various application uses, i.e. LAN, WAN, VoIP and Gigabit and Fiber Optical components for PCB termination, Cable assemblies and discrete optical diodes; including transceiver/receiver interface solutions, SC, SFF, FC, WDM, LC types and discrete optical diodes, Category 6 solutions, i.e. Magnetic Filtered modular jack connectors with LEDs, typically used for Fiber-over-Copper interfaces in Ethernet applications for Voice, Data and Video with transmissions speeds of 1.25Ghz and beyond. Various TPI connectors come in various configurations for shielding, PCB terminations and plastics materials to meet the needs for either, PTH and/or SMT solder terminations in IR, Reflow or Convection oven processes and optimal EMI/RFI performance.

TPI Connectors is a good bet for initial, major cost-saving program without any compromise on specifications, finishing, quality and reliability. Drawing and samples are available for evaluation and approval. Once approved for production, TPI’s connector lead time will not hamper you.